Air Freshener Dispensers

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Professional 100ml Micro Commercial Air Freshener Dispenser

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  • This air freshener dispenser is a automatic dispenser that releases the fragrance of the tin you have inputted into the dispenser at intervals of your choice.
  • The dispenser allows you to set the fragrance tin to last 30 days, 60 days or 90 days, which in turn effects the intervals that the dispenser dispenses the fragrance.
  • They are an essential part of a clean and hygienic washroom by ensuring malodours cannot persist. 
  • As a a result, customers or clients do not walk into a smelly, dirty bathroom that can reflect so poorly on your premises, however clean and hygienic the remainder of your business is. This is particularly pertinent in restaurants and other food establishments
  • The smaller, more compact size helps the dispenser fit seamlessly but discreetly into a bathroom and takes less wall space up than larger, traditional dispensers
  • Provides a wide coverage and premises will often install two or three in larger, open plan washrooms to ensure no malodour spots can persist.
  • Fitted with LED warnings to warn a premises when you are running low on fragrance.
  • Easy to refill so staff can quickly replace tins, and available with a wide range of fragrances
  • Wall mounted installation with all fixings provided or it can be left free standing on a counter top if you prefer

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