Dolphin Blue Range


DB800 Dolphin Blue Infrared Tap

Blue Infrared Tap

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DB800 Dolphin Blue Infrared Tap

  • Touch Free Tap – for ultimate hygiene – prevents cross contamination
  • Quality solid brass construction with the option of two durable finished: polished chrome plating or lacquered brushed nickel plating
  • Water Supply: Single inlet – cold or pre-mixed –
  • a TMV2 or TMV3 thermostatic mixing valve is recommended for premixed applications
  • Flow rate – 5 litres/minute (1.89 litres/ minute also available – please specify)
  • Power Source: Plug-in 9 Volt transformers or 9 Volt Battery (with low battery warning)
  • Auto adjusting sensor range 50-160 mm
  • Sensor range and tap settings including optional hygiene flush and security time can be adjusted manually or by using remote control (DB51)
  • Mandatory Hygiene Flush feature can be specified to combat Legionella
  • 2 year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Maximum water temperature 70ºC
  • Operating pressure 0.5 - 8.0 bar (7 – 116PSI)
  • Counter Hole: diameter 2-40mm
  • Minimum/maximum thickness: 23-40mm
  • Power connections: tap: female / power source: male
  • Interchangeable TJ M18 Neoperl Cache Aerator
  • Exceeds the BREEAM requirements for taps for a maximum flow rate of less than 6 litres per minute (LPM) at a water pressure for 0.3 mega pascals (MPA)


Polished / Battery - DB800C

Brushed / Battery - DB800C

Polised / Transformer - DB825C

Brushed / Transformer -DB825S