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C21 Star Trap LED Glue Board Fly Killer

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C21 Star Trap LED Glue Board Fly Killer

The ultimate decorative LED Fly Killer in design, efficiency and sustainability. The UVA LED Fly Killer Startrap combines innovative and contemporary design with outstanding results. This stylish and discrete wall mounted unit offers maximum efficacy for use in front of house areas; bars, cafes, restaurants, receptions, food counters, waiting rooms etc.

The Startrap is fitted with the exclusive Syltrap Helios® LED Lamp, consumes 75% less energy (5W) and is 50% more effective than a UVA compact fluorescent bulb over a 3 year period whilst generating less waste and supporting environment efforts. The aluminium mirror enhances its attractiveness by reflecting 92% of the UVA rays for maximum efficiency and 2 large glue boards ensure maximum capture.

Colour: White Metal

Dimensions: 460 x 172 x 205 mm

Coverage Area: 40m2

Code: Fly39